A Perfect Day for Baking Bread

I love to bake and I am a big fan of King Arthur flour.  Yesterday they posted this walnut whole wheat bread recipe on their facebook page.

With the icky weather I decided it would be a perfect day to bake a loaf of bread, drink some hot tea, and get some things done around the apartment.

I was pretty excited about it, until I looked a bit closer at the recipe. Instant yeast it said; 2 teaspoons. Instant yeast? What is that? I’ve made a decent amount of yeast bread, but have never used instant yeast. I keep on hand fast acting active dry yeast.

I already had my hopes up to make bread, so I began searching the KA site for a different recipe. I decided on this vermont whole wheat oatmeal honey bread recipe.

Knowing that yeast takes a while to make and that I still had to go to work later, I quickly mixed the first few ingredients together: Boiling water, oatmeal, butter, honey, cinnamon, sugar. I hoped the bread wouldn’t be too sweet and went to add the instant yeast.


Instant yeast?


*Sigh* In my rushing to find a new recipe I didn’t read the ingredients as closely as I should have.  So, I grabbed my umbrella threw on my coat and headed to the store…. then another store. Apparently, you can’t buy instant yeast in this town. At least, not where I was shopping. I thought about going to the local food co-op but was too frustrated, and drove home instead.

I didn’t want to waste my ingredients, so I though I might as well experiment with my active dry yeast.  This is when I realized that the recipe called for mostly white all purpose flour. Bummer. I wanted a 100% whole wheat bread. I could have just used the whole wheat flour, and I thought about it.  However since I was already changing the recipe, I chose not to and baked the bread according to the recipe.


it’s a little ugly. It’s a little dense. It’s not as tall as I wanted it.

But… served with a glass of wine, it was delicious.


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day for Baking Bread

    • Megan – You should give it a try! I love experimenting and want to get to the point where I eventually don’t have to buy bread at the store. (Bonus: Kneading the bread is a great arm work out!)

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