Farm Fresh Friday: Refrigerator Pickles

I hate pickles.  When one some how shows up next to my deli sandwich and chips, it is immediately discarded.  Luckily, I usually have someone with me who love pickles, and loves that I hate them. In this instance, more for them, less for me is a good thing.

But I must admit, I’m kind of lying.  There is a type of pickle that I can’t get enough of.  It doesn’t come in a jar from the supermarket and it most likely won’t come with that deli sandwich.  The pickles I love are homemade refrigerator pickles.  The biggest difference, preparation wise, between these and the other, is that there is no canning process.  No special equipment is needed!  The are fresh, crunchy and delicious.

Pickling cukes are making appearances at farmers markets across Michigan.  These are the ones you want.  Make sure they are firm and fresh for best results.  A soft pickling cucumber makes a mushy refrigerator pickle.

If you search the web you will find tons of recipes for refrigerator pickles, which can be overwhelming.  My favorite recipe, which I can’t take any credit for, comes from The Kitchen at Apartment Therapy. Make sure you let these sit for about 24 hours for best flavor.

Nutritional Breakdown

Okay, so pickles are not exactly what you might consider health food.  The recipe calls for salting the veggies, and the brine contains a large amount of sugar.  But I see no problem enjoy a few pickles as a snack with your 4th of July recipes this weekend.  Moderation is key.  Although, you may be tempted to eat the whole jar, because they are THAT good.  I warned you.

Happy Holiday weekend!


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