A Look Back, Moving Forward

I received an email the other day; It’s almost time to renew this blog’s domain, http://michellemarievoss.com. Since starting this blog nearly a year ago, the blog and I have experienced many up’s and down’s.  I guess we were are still learning.

Last April, I found out I did not get accepted to a dietetic internship.  This was extremely disheartening, but I grew to see it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain further experience.  Long story, short: I spent the summer working as a dietary aide in long-term care and volunteering as a diet tech in acute care.  In August, I moved to Virginia.  I spent a few months feeling depressed and unemployed.  I eventually found employment at Starbucks and then at a retirement community as a health care cook.  I worked two jobs for a while, and did some volunteer work for a local Registered Dietitian.  It was exhausting, but I started preparing my dietetic internship applications again.  About a month ago, I landed an amazing job as a Dietetic Technician.  I have already learned so much!  Yesterday was “match day” for dietetic internships.  Aspiring RD’s across the country logged in to see their fate.  Again, I did not get matched.  Again it is difficult and emotional.  Fortunately though, I have a great job that is giving me great experience in my field.  I will keep moving forward.

When I started this blog, I intended to just share recipes, to encourage readers to get into the kitchen, and explore healthy foods.  This was easy over the summer, when fresh farmers market produce was abundant.  Blog topics came easy; I made a grown up asparagus pizza, easy guacamole, and refrigerator pickles.  After we moved, keeping up with the blog became a little more difficult, but I still managed to make some awesome peach salsa.  In October, the coolest thing happened, my blog was featured on foodieblogroll.com, and I wrote my favorite post: Pumpkin Granola Bars.

Today I have exciting news!  I am happy to announce that I will soon be joining thePlate Community brought to you by Registered Dietitian Kati Mora of Around the Plate.  Around the Plate is a fantastic resource for realistic nutrition advice.  I am honored to be a part of this exciting opportunity and I hope you take a minute to visit Kati’s blog.

Coming Soon… Roasted Broccolini !


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