Container Gardening: Mint, Basil, and Green Peppers

I have an earth friendly post for you today… I’ve started my summer 2011 container gardening adventure!

Last year, I successfully grew (and blogged about) a couple of tomatoes, some basil, a green bell pepper, and a chocolate mint plant.  I also semi-unsuccessfully grew cilantro and strawberries.  This year I’m sticking to what I know works: a mint herb pot with several varieties of mint, a green bell pepper plant, and basil.  Also, is it highly likely I will be moving to Richmond in August given I wasn’t matched to an internship, my current job is 45 minutes away, and gas is super crazy expensive now.  I think moving three potted plants is enough, but who knows, the farmers market is Saturday and I might just bring home something new to experiment with.

The Mint Pot: can you tell the different varieties?

Chocolate Mint:  Smells like a peppermint patty.  I grew this last year and loved it! Try it chopped up with strawberries, dark chocolate chips and yogurt for dessert.

Chocolate Mint

Orange Mint: This one is new for me.  Fragrant, smells like citrus.  I plan on adding it to fruit salad, I can’t wait !

Orange Mint

Apple Mint: This is a new variety for me too.  The leaves are soft and fuzzy.  I hope to make tea with this one!

Apple Mint

I’m growing ONE MORE variety of mint, can you guess what it is?  It’s the tall one in the center of the pot…

What kind of mint am I?


4 thoughts on “Container Gardening: Mint, Basil, and Green Peppers

  1. Michelle!! I love your blog, there’s always great stuff on here =) Did you start from seed? Maybe I’m too ambitious but I feel like I’m fake-growing herbs if I buy ones pre-potted haha! It will definitely test out how green my thumb really is.

    Those mints really do sound good!

    • Thanks Kailee! I did not start from seed. I do want to eventually, but I think I have a lot to learn before I attempt that. For now I buy them from the farmers market. I’m trying to learn how to take care of the plants first (how much to water, how to prune, harvest, etc) before I invest a lot of time starting from seed. Once I am a bit more settled (aka living in one place for at least 3 years) I’ll be able to experiment a bit more I think. =)

      PS. Homemade pesto tonight !

  2. All those mints sound so yummy!
    I think the orange-mint plant would make a good tea too. What is the name of the choc-mint you plant? Like the brand-name, but it’s not a brand… Am I making sense, do you know what I mean? I think I might want to plant that one :)

    • Hey Emily! I finally found where I put the tag for the chocolate mint plant! It says: Peppermint Chocolate Mint, Mentha x piperita Chocolate, Perennial. Do you have any farmers markets by you? That’s where I have found mine the past two years. Let me know if you find it!

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