Memorial Day Weekend Pasta Salad

I’ve been a bit neglectful lately.  This blog, Facebook, and twitter have been my victims.  First it was a period of writers block and lack of creativity/inspiration in the kitchen.  Then it seem’s life just got busy.  I drove to Roanoke for 2 days of dietary leadership training (which was fantastic by the way!).  Then last weekend I went home for a family wedding (congrats Kelly and Andy!).  While visiting, I made some yummy rhubarb apple bread for the family.   No matter how enjoyable the trip, traveling ALWAYS wears me out.  I’ve also been working occasionally on the weekends, which is my designated blog writing, cooking, Michelle time, time.  But enough is enough! It’s Memorial Day weekend and I owe you a recipe!

The other day at the grocery store I bought I magazine.  I never magazines, at least not anymore.  It always seems like there are more ads than content, and with the internet available, they have become obsolete.  Still, this one grabbed my attention.  As we waited in line I flipped through the pages to find recipe after recipe, step by step instructions, and beautiful photography.  I had to buy it and I’m glad I did.

But of course the recipe I made from the magazine, Toasted Israeli Couscous Salad with Mint, Cucumber and Feta, is available for your viewing pleasure online.  We are having BBQ chicken tonight and I know this salad will make a great side dish.  Need a last-minute dish to pass for your Memorial Day get together?  Try this!

In my inpatient way, I couldn’t wait until dinner to try this salad, so here are my thoughts.  The recipe calls for 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil.  In my opinion, this is WAY too much, I’d suggest scaling back to 2 TBS to start.  Also, while the mint was good, I actually think this would be even better with fresh dill for a greek salad of sorts (maybe some scallions or onions too?).  If you’re not a huge fan of feta cheese, dial it back to 1/2 or 2/3 cup.  Add a nice size pinch of black pepper, dice the cucumber small, and finally, don’t over-cook the pasta!

Well there you have it!  Have you been having fun this weekend?  What are you eating? Do you have day off tomorrow or do you have to work like me?  I have to tell you, while I love living in Williamsburg, It gets pretty crazy around here with tourists during the holiday weekend!  I did my grocery shopping early this morning, and I’ll be staying in for the rest of the day!  Happy Holiday!

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