Lately I’m Loving: Pinterest, Ginger Root, Sweet Potato Soup

I spent the first part of my morning leaning back in the dentist chair.  Someone please remind me why I scheduled that appointment for 8 am!  At least I got to watch the Today Show while they drilled.

After walking out of the dentist feeling like I was drooling, I immediately came home and fell asleep watching Lord of the Rings.  I’m so happy I decided to take the day off from work.  When I woke up, I was also super happy that I had a freezer full of this Sweet Potato Ginger Miso soup I cooked up Saturday.  Despite the large bowl of oatmeal with walnuts and dried cherries I had for breakfast I was starving by 11 am.  Believe me when I say, this is one of the best soups I have ever made. I know, I know… another soup recipe, but what can I say, lately I’m loving soup.  Trust me, you have to try this one!

My craving started with fresh ginger root, which I also can’t get enough of lately.  It was awesome in this orzo and caramelized fall veggies recipe, and sounds like a great addition in this apple and pear applesauce.

Which brings me to my newest addiction: Pinterest.  Have you checked out this website yet? It’s keeping my creative juices flowing and full of inspiration for recipes, DIY home decor, and personal style ideas. I found all of today’s recipes from Pinterest links.

Back to the soup… did you notice it calls for miso?  This is my first experience purchasing, cooking with, and eating miso.  So what is miso exactly?  Well, it’s essentially a thick paste made from fermented soybeans and it may contain probiotics (you know, that good bacteria that your hear about in yogurt?!).  I realize this is not exactly something you might have in your fridge now, but I urge you to give it a try.

My teeth/mouth are starting to feel better, so I think I’ll attempt some leftover chili for dinner.  Sometimes, it nice to have a no-cooking day!

Tip! Look for miso near the tofu and/or refrigerated organic products.  It will last for quite a while, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be finding all sorts of ways to use it up.

Question: Have you ever cooked with miso? Have you ever ordered miso soup? Tell me all about your miso experiences!

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6 thoughts on “Lately I’m Loving: Pinterest, Ginger Root, Sweet Potato Soup

  1. Hey Michelle! I made an asian inspired potato salad this summer that called for miso :) It was very yummy, but I have an entire tub of miso left over – recipe only called for 1 tsp. Ever since I have been interested in other recipes that use miso since I have so much left over, so I will definitely give your soup a try! Robert loves sweet potatoes.

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