Thanksgiving by Michelle, for Michelle

What? You didn’t realize that Thanksgiving was moved to this weekend? Oh… right, That’s just me :)

This year it’s just me, myself, and I for the holidays.   Although I’ll be moving to Michigan super soon, I needed some holiday cheer around this place.  I picked these branches up at the Holiday Farmer’s Market this weekend…

Perfect! So, I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity and make the kind of dishes I want to eat on Thanksgiving.  You didn’t think I was going to forgo cooking on my fav holiday did you?

Let’s start with the Turkey.  I am by NO means an expert on cooking meat, veggies are more my thing.  I picked up a fresh turkey breast from my butcher shop, placed atop carrots/celery/onions, drizzled with garlic flavored olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and handfuls of fresh herbs (sage, thyme, parsley, dried rosemary).  Roast for one hour covered with tinfoil and at least another hour without the foil at 350* F.

On to the stuffing Wild Rice Dressing.  Eh – real stuffing sounded like too much work and too heavy.  This was easy.  Best to make one day ahead for flavor.

1 cup long grain brown rice
2/3 cup wild rice
1 large leaf of swiss chard or other green, chopped into small pieces
2 celery ribs, chopped
1 Tbsp garlic olive oil
Fresh herbs to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste
At least 2 cups of vegetable broth or water
1/3 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup green onions
slivered almonds (or other nut)

In large baking dish combine rice, celery, swiss chard, salt + pepper, olive oil.  Add liquid (broth or water or both) until covered by about 1 inch.  Cover dish with tin foil, bake at 350* F for about 1 hour or until rice is fluffy.  Let cool slightly, then stir in cranberries, herbs and nuts.

And what’s Thanksgiving without wine?

I’m so proud, I filled half my plate with veggies! The green beans were sautéed simply with black pepper and topped with toasted almond slices.  For the carrots, I roasted them with olive oil, salt and pepper, onions, garlic cloves, and fresh thyme at 375* F for about an hour or so.

The best part about Thanksgiving is the dessert.  For me, it’s Aunt Mary’s Banana Cream Pie.  Until next year though, I’ll have to settle for ginger cookies, vanilla yogurt, and banana slices.  And almonds – I’m a little obsessed with almonds at the moment. Pretty good alternative!

Question: What do you have planned for the holiday?  Are you cooking or mostly eating?  Doing any Black Friday Shopping?  I’m NOT! I worked in retail for too long on that day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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