New Year, New Blog

With acceptance into an internship, my path to becoming a Registered Dietitian has officially begun.  Although I completed my degree in dietetics, an accredited internship is necessary for registration.  Now is the time for my recipe centered blog to mature into a professional nutrition blog. Welcome!

Posts will now fall into Categories:

Michelle’s Kitchen Recipes – The recipes aren’t going, just making fewer appearances.

Food for Eating – Formerly known as “Lately I’m Loving” posts, here I share foods or products I enjoy.  At times I may also describe delicious food experiences.

Dietetic Internship – Updates on the dietetic internship: what I’m learning about/doing everyday, and why I think it’s pretty awesome. Useful for anyone considering this career choice, or anyone curious about what an RD does.

Nutrition – Simple, useful, realistic nutrition advice and healthy eating knowledge.

Running – Now and again, I may discuss my favorite physical activity/stress relief.  I’ve completed one half-marathon, and would like to race another.

Expanding the site with these categories will give me more opportunities to share.  After all, the primary reason I chose to pursue this career is to share what I’ve realized about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  Nutrition is more than just managing a number on the scale; it is more than each nutrient and diet fads, and it is certainly not depriving yourself.  Good nutrition is a lifestyle; it’s about eating for energy, optimal health, and enjoyment of food.  When you eat right you feel great!


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