Pure Michigan

To quote the cheesy commercials, “Welcome to Pure Michigan”. The snow is certainly pretty, and although I appreciate the cozy atmosphere it creates, I really didn’t miss it this past year and a half. It was, brace yourself, a negative two degrees at 8am this morning.  To compensate, I’ve been drinking lots of hot tea and coffee, eating steaming bowls of oatmeal, and staying in bed until 9am.  The sun also rises later here, which is really throwing me off.

I better start adjusting soon though, internship responsibilities begin this week.  I’m getting excited! Or maybe anxious is a better word?  Either way, I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

It has taken me a week, but I finally feel settled in my new apartment.  It’s nice, though slightly outdated (ahem, icky brass light fixtures), but it is spacious and cozy with big windows. I’m rooming with another intern, which will be a change from living with the boyfriend for 6+ years (really? Wow!).  It’s good though; I think it will help me focus on the task at hand.

So I have a few more days to really get organized, iron all my clothes, and find my way around town.  Then, it’s orientation.


2 thoughts on “Pure Michigan

  1. You’re going to love being an intern! I can’t wait to come see you… in fact, mark it on your calendar – I’m going to be up at CMU on Thursday March 1st and will likely stay in the area the whole weekend. Enjoy your first week! So glad to have you back in the mitten. :)

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