Internship Orientation

Last night called for a movie and wine. The past three days of internship orientation, while wonderfully exciting, have also been a tad overwhelming; there is so much to remember! This weekend, I want to get ahead on as much as possible.

The first two days of orientation meant paperwork and general intern expectations. The last day was the most helpful. After hearing about the CMU Online Master’s Program and meeting with the Financial Aide advisor, The current class of interns stopped by to let us pick their brains. This certainly put my mind at ease.

Our class of interns are all female CMU graduates, which is nice because we are familiar with each other, the school, the dietetics department, and the area.

This Monday starts ten weeks of my clinical rotation – first up, Tech Screening and Cardiology. I’ll be working in Saginaw which means I’ll have about a 30 min commute, not too bad.

Short post today – lots to do! Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Internship Orientation

  1. Which hospital will you be at in Saginaw – St Marys? I hope you like it – I know you will. My internship was more than a bit stressful at times and overwhelming, but very rewarding. You will learn SO much so fast. Good luck Michelle, you’ll be great! If you ever have any questions or need to vent, you know my number! I can’t wait to get up there to visit and hear all about your ventures as a dietetic intern! :)

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