Internship Update: Clinical Orientation

Hello sleepy intern! This morning I woke up bright and early, showered, put on my pre-planned outfit, lab coat and name tag. I grabbed my tote bag, and an on the go breakfast: dry cereal, almonds, banana and coffee with milk. After scraping the ice off my car, I drove 30 minutes to Saginaw where I picked up another intern at her apartment. By  8a.m. sharp, I was sitting in the Dietitian’s office at Covenant Hospital, ready to go!

Today was a short day, but mentally a long one. So many names and hallways and passwords and projects to remember, but I am so excited to get started! I was hoping to get my 5-week food service rotation over with first, but I’m actually really looking forward to starting in clinical.

What’s in store for me this week? First, I’ll be working with the dietetic technicians learning the in’s-and-out’s of nutritional screening. In a hospital setting, not every single patient is seen by a registered dietitian. It’s the job of the diet techs to decide who does and who doesn’t, it’s a great place to start this rotation! Then it’s off to cardiology.


One thought on “Internship Update: Clinical Orientation

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I ran across your blog and I am also a 26 yr old dietetics graduate going through my third round of computer matching (match day is April 1st!). Hope your internship is going well!

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