National Nutrition Month

It is March! March means I’m already 4 weeks into my clinical rotation.

Since I last updated about the internship I’ve been through my renal and cardiology basic clinical rotations. I’m in the middle of my general med/surgical/ortho basic clinical rotation. All this means is that each week I work with different RD’s who are responsible for different floors (units) of the hospital. Each RD is responsible for providing diabetes education to patients.

I can’t believe how fast the time is going by! I’ve already learned so much. I go back and forth daily trying to decide whether the clinical hospital setting is the right career choice for me. Although I think it is fascinating, I don’t get very excited about it. I’ve had the opportunity to see a few outpatient educations during my time at the hospital. This is definitely something I can see myself doing!

March also means it’s National Nutrition Month (NNM)! One of my projects for the internship involves creating educational materials – right up my alley! I put together a poster board and educational handout for the hospital cafeteria. I’ll be sharing some of this info with you as NNM continues.

This year the theme of NNM is “Get Your Plate in Shape” which promotes the concepts behind the new MyPlate icon that replaced the Food Guide Pyramid. The basic MyPlate messages are:

  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
  • Make half your grains, whole grains
  • Switch to fat-free/low-fat milk
  • Enjoy your food but eat less
  • Avoid oversized portions
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks

Over the next month I’ll be blogging about these topics. Do you have any questions or topics you want me to address?


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