Technology for Weight Management: iPhone Apps

I’ve always been a little behind on the cell phone front.  When cell phones with color images came out, I was the last of my friends to update. This past winter, I finally made the switch to a smart phone.   I love how it help’s me better manage my time – waiting in a long line at the grocery store? No problem! I’ll just read, write, and delete some emails. It is a bit distracting at times, and I now and then I put down the technology and enjoy my surroundings, in general I’m so glad I have it.

Smart phone applications are increasingly becoming useful in the world of health and nutrition. I’d like to tell you all about some apps that can help you manage your health in a fun and interactive way.  Full disclosure: I was not paid to endorse these apps; I really use them, and I really just like them :)

Hal Higdon’s ½ Marathon – Novice 1 Training Program 

I’ve recently started running again after taking some time off to nurse an injury. I really want to run another half-marathon again this fall – but some major training is in line first. To the web I went, searching for a great plan to follow.

Not ready for a half? Just want to walk it? Maybe a 5K is more your speed – that’s great!  There’s an app for that too! Here are the top 5 things I like about this plan:

  1. I can customize the start and race date. There is a countdown to race day on the home page.
  2. Walking as a cross-training activity is encouraged.
  3. For every workout, Hal provides useful tips.
  4. It’s easy to record a work out as completed – just tap twice!
  5. Following a plan – definitely keeps me motivated


I find this app useful to record my routes. No more tediously planning a route before a run, just grab my phone and go. I can use the map as I go to plan my route all while monitoring my time, pace, and distance.

Lose It!

This app isn’t just for those trying to lose weight – it’s also nice for maintaining weight and keeping a food diary. I find when I keep a food diary (writing down what I eat), I’m more likely to make smart choices and keep treats as treats. It’s super easy to find foods in the database – or just scan the UPC label and there it is.  Just be sure not to get too hung up on the numbers. If you miss a day or a week  – who cares.


2 thoughts on “Technology for Weight Management: iPhone Apps

  1. Love LoseIt!. I just started using it myself after being introduced by a patient of mine. I don’t have a fancy smart phone yet, but scanning bar codes sounds much easier than typing in all my new foods! I love MapMyRun as well, but again, don’t have the smart phone app…

  2. My favorite apps are MyFitnessPal and Couch-2-5k. MFP is free, while C25K is a paid app. They are available on the Blackberry as well. As soon as I am elligible for an upgrade on my phone I am getting an iPhone! By that time I’ll be ready to start using Hal Higdon’s app for a 10k! :)

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