Fresh Start

Everyone deserves a fresh start. This blog started after I graduated from college. I didn’t match to an internship and needed a hobby – something to keep me focused on food, nutrition, and my goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

Then we left Michigan and moved to Virginia which was an AMAZING experience. I gained some resume-worthy experience and after a second failed attempt finally matched to an internship. Third times the charm! We packed up and moved me to Midland where I had living arrangements with a fellow intern. Jake stayed in the Kalamazoo area to be near his family.

My intention was to blog throughout the internship. I hoped to share my experience and promote the dietetics profession. Unfortunately though, I underestimated my resources like free time and energy, and so very little blogging actually occurred.

Internship Orientation

Clinical Orientation

National Nutrition Month

Theme Meal: Spring Fling

My internship ended in September 2012 and I had a job lined up in Kalamazoo – which would have been fantastic except that it wasn’t. Jake and I have lived together since 2005 with a few exceptions, one being the internship.  Near the end of my program we started looking for jobs in both the Kalamazoo area (where he was), and in the Midland area (where I was). I was offered a position in Kalamazoo after a multi-step interview process –  Great! The morning after I accepted the job, Jake received a phone call with an offer in Midland. Ugh! At this point, turning down work was not an option.

And so the great “flip-flop” proceeded – I moved in with my parents to save money, and he moved to Midland. My job was great and I was spending all my free time studying for my exam and visiting Jake in Midland. I officially became a Registered Dietitian in December 2012. Yay!!

At this point we have been doing the long-distance thing for over a year. Yuck! So, although I have come to love my job in Kalamazoo, I am excited to start fresh with a new position in Midland on the 15th!

I can’t promise that I will keep up this blog, but in the spirit of starting new, I’d sure like to try. Here goes nothing…


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