Yesterday was my official last day at my job in Kalamazoo. It was so bittersweet. Everyone I worked with gave me a heart-felt goodbye. It’s funny though how it’s the little things that touch you. One of my evening servers, who I spent limited time with, surprised me with an incredibly thoughtful gift – Post-it note colorful sticky labels – because I have an irrational love of office supplies and bright colors. Plus these flowers from my boss and co-worker…


I will definitely miss this job. After 6 months I was finally feeling comfortable. Plus, I had the office organized how I liked it and was starting to make friends with co-workers.

You know those kids whose parent’s have jobs that keep them moving from city to city – they have a hard time making friends and feeling like they have a home? That’s exactly how I feel. Since graduating college two years ago, I have lived in 4 different towns and held 5 different jobs plus an internship that sent me all over. I have lived alone, with a roommate, with my parents, and with Jake. It’s getting old.

So although leaving this job is hard, I am also so excited for what is next! Today I am packing up my car with as much as will fit without smushing the two fur kiddies in the back seat. Wish me luck :)


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