Quick post today – I need to get to the grocery store! It has been 3 weeks since I started my new job and moved backed to Midland. So far so good, but as with any transition it’s been a little hectic.

Work – While my new job is still in long-term care/rehabilitation, it is much different in two ways: 1. No foodservice management. 2. It is all clinical work and much more clinically-challanging before – this means more feeding-tube calculations, more patient with wounds, more dialysis patients, and patients generally at higher nutrition risk medically. I am enjoying the increased difficulty though. I want to have a good base of  medical nutrition therapy under my belt early in my career.

Home – Very much still in transition. I still have some boxes and furniture back in Kalamazoo. Hopefully we will get everything to Midland very soon so I can stop thinking about it :) I still haven’t set up the internet either. I’m writting this with the free Wi-Fi at Barnes and Noble.  P.S. They have pretty good lentil soup!

Running – This is so important for stress relief! I’m happy that my pace actually improved over the winter with all that treadmill running – can’t believe it! On the down side – I’m having this intermittent sharp pain on the top of one of my toes that I’m a little worried about. It especially hurts when I apply pressure, like if I’m kneeling and my toes are pressing into the floor. I’m really hoping it’s not a stress fracture – probably should see a doctor :(

Food – I’m still working on spending less money on groceries – but more on that later.

Right now I’m off to shop for fruit and veggies :) Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather!


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